Sunday, April 27, 2014

teacher meowissa

Hi everyone!

My blog will be a little journal where I record my life happenings, whereabouts, short stories, interests, and doodles (pictured above is a doodle I drew for my @giftabow shop on instagram! It is in start up mode, but feel free to follow if you love bows). 

I am an intern as a preschool teacher and during these past four months I have grown passionate in  doing what I love. Working with children, teaching them new information about the world, and using creative ways to enhance their learning brings joy in my heart.

My lead teacher week is coming up and I chose restaurant as my theme - I am basically in charge of the whole system, in others words, plan a curriculum for each subject area and greeting parents at the door. One of my favorite areas that I have planned is the dramatic play. I handcrafted chef hats, menus, and they will be weaving their own place mats at the art table. Another favorite area which I have come up with is the sensory play area. I will introduce the children to three different types of herbs. Basil, rosemary, and oregano. I freeze them in ice cube trays and will put the ice in a separate table. I imagine the children using these ice cubes as building blocks or making their own ice statue. Because children are always exploring their creativity, I am curious to see what inventive play ideas they will learn from this. 

Here is a photo of how I decorated the loft at the preschool.
As I was drawing these foods for the loft I became very, very hungry. 

Well, that wraps up a portion of my life lately. 
I have a really, really good feeling about my lead teacher week.
 Until next blog post - bye everyone!